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      A simple program that's interactive, exciting, a little silly and a great introduction into the art of telling stories and drawing for the little ones. 

- Everything in the previous program.
- With an expanded explanation on the original idea for Monsters in Manhattan      and the process on how it became a monstrous series.
- Greater detail on the process of writing a story.
- Reading from both Monsters in Manhattan and Monsters in Manhattan 2.
- A step by step sample of drawings from concept to completed illustration.
- Reading from my upcoming book Bruce the Spruce.
- A focus on having a dream and how both big and even small dreams can lead to amazing accomplishments!.

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- 20 / 25 minute session
- Quick introduction to my life as an artist and writer.
- I have a really BIG BOOK!
- Reading of Everybody Wake Up!! and Halloween Boy and the Christmas Kid.
- There's always time for questions.

   A slightly deeper program that includes interactive activities which highlight all the various skills involved in creating a picture book.

- 45 minute session
- Introduction to what illustrators do, how I got started and the creative path I have      followed shown through my real childhood drawings, professional career and          publishing business.
- I'll show how an old T-shirt inspired an entire career.
- Explanation of where ideas come from.
- Demonstration of how easy it is to create a character.
- Discussion on the importance of rewriting and rewriting to make a story perfect!
- Reading of Everybody Wake Up!!
- Examples of how I create an illustration
- Its magic! Or maybe a pen?
- Reading from Monsters in Manhattan.
- They've got questions, Ive got answers.

   An even more elaborate presentation designed to show older children how easy, how much fun and how possible it is for anyone to create their own book.

- Programs available for both full classes as well as smaller artistically focused students.

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