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   "Thank you for taking the time with us and letting us see your new books. You really put your heart into it and you are great at it literally. I have never seen anything greater in my "intire" life.

   "I like your books because they are funny. I give your Books 5 STARS!!!"

   "I liked your books and your cool writing! I liked your 3 books!! I know one day you'll make 50,000,000 books!!!! You are awesome!!!!!!!!"

   "I was inspired by you saying how "small dreams can become big dreams." I thought your drawings were amazing. Hope to see you again!!"

   "It is without reservation, that I recommend Daniel Jude Miller. Anyone who is able to excite children to actually read in this age of electronics is doing something right! You will not be disappointed!"

   "You are a fantastic illustrator. I think Everybody Wake Up and Monsters in Manhattan is the best books I ever heard!"

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Deron 3rd Grade Nate Perry Elementary

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   "As the school librarian, I have held off circulating his books so we can read them together again. The students have been clamoring to get them. The waiting list will likely go on until the end of the school year!"

   "The kids ask me all the time if he is coming back! They proudly walk around school with their Daniel Jude Miller books. In my opinion, he is a very talented author and artist and any school would be lucky to have Daniel Jude Miller visit them."

   "Your school will thoroughly enjoy hosting Daniel Jude Miller as your next author/illustrator presenter! He understands and relates to elementary audiences. His book sales came after his
presentation, so students could hear what he had to say first. We would highly recommend Daniel Jude Miller and look forward to him returning to Homer Brink

Carrie Randall Homer Brink Elementary