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                                   Upcoming Events  
September 14th & 15th - Brooklyn Book Festival - Brooklyn, NY 
September 27th - Conway Elementary - Stapleton, PA 
October 2nd  - Douglas Mirth Elementary - Chesterfield, NJ 
October 12th Samson Gregg Elementary - Booth Township, NY 
October 18th - McGraw Elementary - McGraw, NY
October 31st - Slatington Elementary - Slatington, PA
November 14th - Flamick Elementary - LeRoy, NY
November 16th/17th - Rochester Maker's Fair - Rochester, NY
November 23rd/24th - Vestal, NY Vestal Holiday Craft Fair
December 6th - Kernsville Elementary - Orefield, PA
December 13th - Douglas Gree Elementary - Roswill, NJ
January 28th - Lower Dauphin School District
January 29th - Lower Dauphin School District
January 30th - Lower Dauphin School District
January 31st - Lower Dauphin School District
February 1st - Lower Dauphin School District
March 3rd - Chews Elementary - Blackwood, NJ
March 4th - Gloucester Elementary - 
April 9th - Manavon Elementary - Phoenixville, PA
April 10th - Barkley Elementary - Phoenixville, PA
April 11th - Schuylkill Elementary - Phoenixville, PA
April 12th - - Phoenixville, 
May 15th - Livingston Manor Elementary - Livingston Manor, NY

Children love books. But how often do they get the chance to meet the actual author or illustrator behind their favorite stories? They can wonder, where does the idea for a character come from? How is the art created? Can I make my own book?

An author visit is an incredible opportunity to connect young readers with the person and process behind the books they love to read! With unique programs designed for children as young as Pre K , all the way through 8th grade, I am able to inspire, educate and entertain a wide range of future writers and artists.

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