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The Homemade Monster Project

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The Riddle Sheet

   Connect the creature to the rhyme.
Seems pretty easy doesn't it? Or does it?

   Look around your school. Do you think that there is a monster in the Cafeteria? Or the Gym? Or maybe even the boy's bathroom? Draw the monster you think lives at a special location inside your school. Then write the monsters story.

Download the sheet.

Monsters in Manhattan 2 - Educator's Guide

Coloring Sheets

   Print a fairy or a goblin, then grab
your crayons, markers and pencils
and get to colorin'!

   The easiest way to build a character is from the ground up. So, I have given you the feet to begin with. It's your job to finish the monster however you would like! 

Creative Projects

The "Feet Sheet"

   The many stages involved to take an image from idea to finish.

   It's fun making books, but what happens when all the boxes get delivered to my house?

The Process

   Once a drawing has been all cleaned up, it's time to get scanned into the computer for some color!

Getting a Book Order


Adding Color

Halloween Boy and the Christmas Kid - Educator's Guide

Monsters in My School

Everybody Wake Up!! -
Educator's Guide

Monsters in Manhattan -
Educator's Guide

Download the hand-out.

   Please download these entertaining and expansive programs to help supplement students enjoyment and interaction with my books.
   Each guide includes guiding questions and "behind the book" information for read alouds, curriculum connectors,  book specific games and projects, areas
for further research and more!

   I have the greatest job in the world! As an author and an illustrator I get to imagine and create all sorts of odd, bizarre and crazy characters. But I bet you didn't realize how easy it is to make a monster? It is super easy! Just look around the house for anything old, unused or on it's way to the trash. Shoe boxes, soda cans, straws, cotton balls, CDs or even old sneakers can be the fantastic beginning of a spooky, hilarious or goofy monster. Watch the video or click on the hand-out to see how!