Pricing based on driving distance between Binghamton, NY 
and the school building.


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100-180 miles

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   It really is an honor to be invited somewhere to read my stories, show my artwork and have
the opportunity to inspire young artists and storytellers. That's why I have always gone out of my way to keep my speaking fees as reasonable and accessible as possible to ensure all school districts have the ability to enjoy my presentations.

Remember, your PTA and local BOCES Arts in Education grants are awesome ways to find funding!

 Everything I show, explain and introduce students to during an in-person, but through  cyber space! What a wonderful age.

     • Zoom, Google Meet. Webex - I've done 'em all.

I know what you're thinking: Are virtual visits good?
So, check out this sample of why my virtual visits are the best.

     • No cancellation fee.

10 Reasons

 • Full day of age-specific presentations. As many as your staff and space require. (All for a single price.)


Full day of age-specific presentations. As many as your staff and  space require. (All for a single price.)


 • Lunch with students, book signings, contest judging, classroom
drop-ins, you name it. Once I'm in the building, my time is yours.


 • No cancellation fee. (I'm not sure if you heard, but things are  a
little weird out there  right  now.) So, if a visit can't happen as 
scheduled, we can try virtual, or cancel all together.


Free posters for all of your students.






Great discounts for districts!