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   The easiest way to build a character is from the ground up. So, start with the feet!

It's your job to finish the monster however you would like! Fins? Flippers? Two eyes or
fourteen? It's up to you! 

   There are certainly Monsters in Manhattan, but I bet you can find monsters hiding ALL OVER your very own school.

Create scary, interesting or funny monsters that live in the gym, the cafeteria, the principal's office and even the bathroom! Write their stories and draw what
you think your school's unique creatures look like.

Manhattan is crawling with creatures, creeps and assorted kooky characters!

Explore the Monster Map and get
special biographies on all the monsters. Plus, tons of fun facts about all of the incredible landmarks and tourist attractions
of New York City.


the monster map

                                                                                                                                    Be   cartoon   think   fantasy   mark   color   boogers   photograph   scare   excite   explore   tell stories   create   dream   Believe   Paint   laugh   fart   wonder   joke   remember   share   invent   imagine   make a mess   inspire   sketch   grow   amaze   build   design   goof-off  draw   write                

Do you think that you know
where my monsters live?

Well, here's your chance to prove it!

Monsters in Manhattan
- Game show quiz

The idea

How old do you have to 
be to make a book?

The "not-so-fast" start
to my career.

the "everyday"tree

The Wacky story creator

The Trap

Coloring SheetS





funny stories &
places for inspiration

The story

Speed Coloring

The Books

The sketches

in "my school"

Don't just read the books, PLAY with the books!

The Empire State
Building Challenge

 I bet you didn't realize how easy it is to make a monster? It is super easy!

Just look around the house for anything old, unused or on it's way to the trash.

Shoe boxes, soda cans, straws, cotton balls, CDs or even old sneakers can be the fantastic beginning of a spooky, hilarious or goofy monster. Watch the video or click on the hand-out to see how!

   The Empire State Building has 102 floors. I bet you can't stack 102 nickels, or blocks, or dice or anything else. I bet you can't!
Prove me wrong!!

Check out some examples!

How a book is made


The old shirt

The illustrations



The "feet sheet"


"How's it end?"

My Youtube



Trees don't have to be just for Christmas.
What about a Valentine's Tree?
Or an Easter tree?
Or even a Ground Hog's day tree?
Why can't every holiday have a tree?

Creating a story is much easier
than you think. In fact, all you really need are four things:
a noun, an adjective, a place, and a problem.

Ask someone to give you those four things and then use that information to craft your story.

Maybe your Mom will give you - Banana, purple, London, England, and wishes he could find his way home.

Now you can try to write that story. There once was a purple banana...

My son, the Halloween Boy, builds a trap every Christmas season to try to catch Santa.

Try to design your own trap that you think might catch Santa, a leprechaun, or even the Easter Bunny. You can even create a fairy trap if you'd like.

The most important part of any story is the ending. That's the part people remember.

That's the part a reader tells their friends about.

That's the part that makes them want to read your next story.

Finish my story-starters. Use what I began to create your own incredible, memorable  ending.

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Behind the scenes videos, drawing tutorials, contests, funny stories and some surprises.

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